Sisanda App Universe Version 1.2 is now Live!!!

The latest iteration of Sisanda App Universe (SAU) – Version 1.2 – is now live on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Since the inception of SAU, our primary aim has been to enhance accessibility. Effective distribution is pivotal in bringing a plethora of science experiments and simulations to a broader audience of explorers.

While Augmented Reality (AR) remains in its nascent stages, its implementation varies across devices. Some devices rely on image tracking, necessitating the use of SICU, while others support instant tracking, which identifies flat surfaces in the user’s vicinity. The earlier version of SAU mandated the download and print of the SICU for exploration. Feedback indicated that this added step was cumbersome for some users. Typically, users expect a seamless experience: download the app, launch it, and dive right in. Version 1.2 addresses this feedback, ensuring a more streamlined experience on both iOS and Android platforms.

SAU 1.2 on Google Play Store

The Android landscape is diverse, with a wide range of devices from various manufacturers. To address this, SAU 1.2 introduces an instant tracking capability detection feature. This checks whether a device has the necessary features for instant tracking; if not, it defaults to SICU. A list of compatible devices is provided by Google’s ARCore team. In our view, SICU is ideal for classroom settings, while instant tracking is perfect for on-the-go exploration. The content remains consistent across both modes, and we encourage users to update to this latest version to experience these new features.

SAU 1.2 on Apple App Store

While updating the app for iOS, we encountered some challenges. Apple’s guidelines indicated that the new features in SAU 1.2 might not be compatible with all previously supported devices. We had two options: either remove the instant tracking feature or introduce a new app. As a result, we’ve launched a new app called “SAU Exploration,” which mirrors the Android version. The iOS version will exclusively support instant tracking, as most current iOS devices are capable of this feature.

Dear Sisandians, we’re beyond excited for you to embark on new adventures with our upgraded version. Click the links below to start updating now.

SAU on Google Playstore

SAU on Apple Appstore

Explore Your Curiosity!!!