We are Sisandians

Sisanda Tech is a design studio made by developers, creatives,  thinkers and makers  who create exciting and engaging immersive experiences. We develop award-winning augmented and virtual reality solutions to solve real problems.  At Sisanda we love to share, collaborate and learn from others, we believe this is the way for us to be able to build great products and solutions.

We love what we do!

Our Story

The company started in 2017, the year we launched our 2D energy saving game called EED.  The game eventually came 3rd in the SAB Kickstart entrepreneurship competition. After the success of EED, we worked on a new project called Sirealities (now known as Sisanda App Universe). The aim is to provide learners with a virtual platform to perform science experiments. The interactive software emulates real-life scenarios. 

We continued to develop Sirealities (Sisanda App Universe) to the point where it became the first augmented reality app to win Most Innovative Solution at the 2019 MTN Business App of the Year Awards. To this day, we immerse ourselves in augmented and virtual reality in order to create mind-blowing, technology-based experiences.

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