Sisanda App Universe

Sisanda App Universe(SAU) is a virtual science lab aiming to make science interactive, engaging and accessible. Now available on both Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Get Started for Free!

Curriculum-Centric Learning

Sisanda App Universe is meticulously crafted to resonate with school curriculums. Designed for Grades 8 through 12, SAU seamlessly integrates with educational modules in Natural Science, Life Science, and Physical Sciences. This ensures that both learners and educators engage with content that’s not only immersive but also directly applicable to their coursework.

Empower Through Interactive Simulations

Harness the power of Augmented Reality with SAU. Don the hat of an intrepid scientist, exploring realms from DNA spirals to vast cosmic galaxies. Our AR simulations breathe life into scientific concepts, turning abstract theories into interactive, tangible experiences. A transformative tool, it elevates teaching and captures the imagination of learners.

A Lab Experience, Minus the Hazards

Immerse in scientific wonders without the boundaries of a physical space. No more concerns over depleted chemicals or broken instruments. SAU’s virtual Augmented Reality lab ensures a safe yet expansive environment for experimentation and learning. A harmonious blend of modern technology and education, perfect for today’s dynamic learners and forward-thinking educators.