South African EdTech Startup Sisanda Tech Uses AR for Fun Science Learning

This video is about Mbangiso Mabaso, the founder of Sisanda Tech, a company that created an app to make science learning fun for learners. Mabaso discusses the challenges of getting quality science education in public schools in South Africa and how his app can help.

The video starts with Mabaso explaining his background and why he decided to create Sisanda Tech. Mabaso grew up in a public school system that lacked proper science facilities. He saw how this lack of resources discouraged learners from pursuing careers in science. Mabaso himself was curious about science and won awards in science competitions.

Sisanda Tech’s app uses augmented reality (AR) to allow learners to conduct science experiments virtually. This means that learners can perform these experiments without needing a physical science lab. The app is still under development but has already been piloted in a few schools with positive results.

The video also talks about the challenges that Sisanda Tech has faced. One challenge was that the original app required physical products that could not be shipped during lockdowns. Another challenge was that during the pandemic, Mabaso had to lay off some of his employees because they could only work for half the day.

Mabaso is looking to the future and sees potential in the metaverse for science education. He believes that AR and VR will be big in education and that in the future, learners from all over the world will be able to connect and learn together virtually.