SICU is an easily assembled wooden cube with a special surface that allows for exciting and intriguing experience through our apps.


The SICU is easily assembled, and the process of that assembly allows you to engage with the subjects at hand and put you in a state of curiosity. Each side comes with a different perspective of each subject, and with several subjects to chose from, you’ll have hours to explore.


The integration with the apps in the Sisanda App Universe allows you to easily use the SICU in any way you want. All you need to do is assemble the cube, open the app of your choice, choose from a range of subjects, and point your camera at the cube. 


With the SICU, you can explore various subjects with groups of friends. You can do it anywhere, at anytime. Do you each have a mobile device? Scan each side of the cube, swap the sides among each other and see what you can find!

Apps for SICU


The Sisanda App has a wide range of subjects to explore. You can visit the habitat of the penguin, or dissect the human body and learn all about yourself. 


You know the periodic symbol for Silver, but aren’t you curious about how it looks? With Periodie, there’s no need for a microscope. You will be able to see the very atoms before you. 


If you’ve always wanted to swim with the dolphins or play with jellyfish, Aquarie is here for you. You can go deep sea diving and learn about marine life, all at the tip of your fingers.


Have you ever wondered what’s out there, when  you look up at the night sky? Turn your mobile device into a spaceship, and visit the planets of our solar system with Spaciie.

SICU in Action