SITEE puts biology together with fashion, style, swag or what you like to call it. SITEE is an interactive T-shirt that allows learners to visualise the human heart or different body system on your tablet or phone simply by scanning the T-shirt with our App – and look stylish doing it!.

Fun to Use with Friends

Using the Sisanda SITEE, you can let your friends dissect “your” body and learn about the human anatomy. All you need to do is wear the SITEE, and let your friends point their mobile devices to the ribs or heart, and you can all start learning straight away.


Not only will you be able to see the organs of the human body, you’ll also be able to dissect each one and learn what makes them work, and how they all work together to make you tick.


With a stylish design and colours that pop, the SITEE is sure to turn heads. You’ll have people asking where you got the cool shirt you’re wearing, and as soon as they see what it can do, you’ll be the life of the party.

App for SITEE


Sitee puts biology together with fashion. It allows you to visualize the human heart, human anatomy and a swimming jellyfish on our T-shirt.

SITEE in Action