Dive into the Future with the Sisanda App Universe (SAU)

Greetings, I’m Mbangiso Mabaso, or as many affectionately call me, Baso. At the heart of Sisanda Tech, I’ve navigated the intricate maze of public school education. Picture this: young, eager minds yearning to touch, feel, and experiment with science, but confined only to the realms of their imagination. A disheartening 80% of schools, as highlighted by the National Education Infrastructure Management System, lack the basic infrastructure of a science lab.

The Challenge: Without the tangible experience, science remains a distant dream for many. Theories become mere words on paper, and the exhilarating eureka moments are few and far between.

Our Ambition: But what if we could rewrite this story? What if the limitations of brick and mortar could be transcended by the power of technology? Since 2017, I’ve embarked on an ambitious quest, harnessing the capabilities of real-time 3D, augmented, and virtual reality. The aspiration? An app that ignites the flame of curiosity in learners, irrespective of their geographical or infrastructural constraints.

The Game-Changer: Enter the Sisanda App Universe (SAU) – a groundbreaking virtual science lab. With augmented reality at its core, SAU promises an immersive experience, transforming smartphones and tablets into bustling science labs. Tailored for Grade 8-12 students, SAU covers the vast expanse of Natural Science, Life Science, and Physical Science, aligning seamlessly with the curriculum and then pushing its boundaries.

Science Anytime, Anywhere: Accessibility is the cornerstone of SAU. With its presence on both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, the wonders of science are now just a tap away, be it at home, a café, or during a commute.

Empowering Educators: SAU isn’t just for students. It’s a dynamic tool for educators, enhancing traditional teaching methods and bringing lessons to life.

For the Curious Minds: For students, SAU is more than an app; it’s a universe waiting to be explored. A space where questions are encouraged, and every answer leads to a new adventure.

Be Part of the Change: Are you ready to step into the future of science education? Experience the magic of the Sisanda App Universe today. And as you journey through, share your insights with a review. Together, let’s revolutionize the way we perceive and learn science.

Here are links to download the app:

SAU on Apple Appstore

SAU on Google Playstore