Introducing SAU Version 1.0.1: Enhanced, Efficient, and Evolved!

We’re thrilled to announce that SAU Version 1.0.1 is now live, bringing with it a suite of improvements and optimizations. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we’ve listened to every piece of it. Here’s a breakdown of the changes we’ve made:

1. Camera Autofocus Revamped:

We recognized that several devices faced challenges with autofocus, hindering their ability to scan image targets and resulting in a blurry camera view. To address this, we’ve integrated a continuous autofocus component into the main AR camera. This enhancement not only resolves the blurriness but also eliminates issues related to loss of tracking.

2. App Size Optimization:

The initial size of Version 1.0.0 was substantial, which posed limitations on adding more content to the platform. While the offline functionality of Version 1.0.0 had its merits, maintaining an offline AR app can become cumbersome. With Version 1.0.1, we’ve transitioned to using the Google Cloud Platform for content hosting. This shift has significantly reduced the app’s size. Now, post-download, users have the flexibility to select and download the content they wish to access. 

3. Clarified SICU Marker Download Button:

We noticed that the download button for the SICU Marker wasn’t clearly marked, leading to some confusion. We’ve now made it more intuitive, ensuring users understand its purpose and can effortlessly download the marker for use with the app.

In Conclusion:

These updates are live and ready for you to experience. A huge thank you to our community for the invaluable feedback. Together, we’re refining SAU to be the best version of itself. Let’s continue to fuel and explore our collective curiosity!

Here are links to download the app:

SAU on Apple Appstore

SAU on Google Playstore